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Our Services

Beta Reading 


A single pass with overall thoughts in the manuscript focusing on gut reactions and my thoughts as a reader. Feedback may include thoughts on dialogue, plot, characterization, pointing out places that were confusing/unclear, etc. 

Manuscript Critique

0.008 - 0.012/word

A good start if you’re looking for in-depth feedback on your manuscript, but not quite ready for the hands-on nature of a full, line, or copy edit. We will pay attention to the plot, structure, pacing, consistency of magic systems (if applicable), characterizations and storylines. We offer three levels of edits.

Line Edits

0.013 - 0.017/word

We will edit to improve writing style, readability, creative content, and language use on a paragraph and sentence level. This will ensure your writing has the intended  emotional impact, tone, and atmosphere for each scene and help you remove redundancies, cliches, and generalizations from your work to strengthen the prose. 



 We will read the final copy of your manuscript after it has gone through all the previous rounds of editing to check for typos, omissions, missing words, and awkward word or page breaks.
If you’re looking for a copyeditor click here to be redirected to Enchanted Ink Publishing.  




We will analyze your manuscript to ensure an accurate representation of a certain marginalized group to which the author does not belong. This includes searching for stereotypes, insensitive language, cultural inaccuracies, and areas in need of more research or development. They then provide options to remedy these areas and help your book become more accurate and inclusive, thus making it appeal to a larger audience. 



 Got a story in your head but having trouble translating it into words? Don't worry! We will ghostwrite the first draft of your YA fantasy, faieytale retelling, Adult romance, or Middle Grade contemporary or fantasy book, short story, or novella   

Other Services

Prices Vary

A blurb, also known as the back cover copy or a summary, is the amuse bouche for the reader. A little taste of your fabulous work of art that leaves them famished and clamoring for more.   
We can also ghostwrite your blog and critique your outline or synopsis. 

Our  Team

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Claerie Kavanaugh 

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She graduated with a BA in Creative Writing and a minor in Technical and Professional Communications. She's been a freelance editor since 2017, and in that time, she has worked on over 100 books, many of which are published and one of which was nominated for a Hugo Award. She worked as a sensitivity reader for big-name publishers such as HarperCollins, Bloomsbury, and Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers. She's had three short stories published, and self-published one novella and one novel with more coming.



Claerie is an effective, efficient editor! I came to her with a VERY tight deadline and she delivered faster than I could even imagine with thorough edits and comprehensive notes and suggestions for me. She was always very open with communication the whole time, which was really amazing! I'm still astonished at how quickly it all came together thanks to her help.

Kaitlyn Abdou 

Claerie proofread my novel, The Cat's out of the Bag. She was polite and helpful in all interactions. She kept me up to date with the project and her service was prompt. I was happy with her proofread. She provided both a clean copy and a marked up copy. I was pleased with this, as I prefer to see what changes have been made and like the ability to accept or decline them.

Cynthia Terelst

Claerie is amazing when it comes to seeing the big picture of a story but also the smaller details. She pointed out troublesome spots in my manuscript that I never would’ve noticed. She is very good at recognizing weaknesses in plot and characterization and is really good at helping the author figure out how to fix them. She is also very diligent when it comes to working on projects by a specific deadline and is good about keeping the author informed of her progress. What sets her apart from other editors is the thirty-minute Skype call where we discussed ideas on how to fix the troublesome spots in my manuscript. It really helped to talk through ideas and gave me a clear direction on how to proceed with the next draft. I highly recommend Claerie as an editor. She is hardworking and dedicated to each project that comes her way.

Rebecca Odum 

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